Asset Management
2008 - 2010
BizTalk 2006 R2 SQL Server 2008 SSIS SOAP RFID
Case Studies

Making A Fashion Statement with RFID.pdf

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Xterprise uses a combination of BizTalk and RFID technology to implement custom asset tracking solutions for their clients.

Their largest client, American Apparel, had trouble maintaining accurate inventory counts in their stores. As a result, purchase orders were not very accurate, the store room had limited space, and merchandise theft was difficult to quantify.

To give American Apparel the much needed real-time visibility to their inventory, and end-to-end merchandise tracking, I designed the first ever global RFID retail deployment - an asset tracking solution that would allow American Apparel to track their merchandise, down to each individual item, from their warehouse to over 250 retail stores. In addition, with a single dynamic BizTalk port, incoming orders are properly routed to all stores. As a result, stores can easily be added or removed on demand without code or architectural changes. Check out the case studies available on the left.

In addition to the Americal Apparel project, I met company goals by redesigning numerous BizTalk applications into one common, reusable application, reducing the amount of code to maintain and allowing future expansion.

Finally, several enhancements were made to all their BizTalk applications, including: