Retail / E-Commerce
2010 - 2011
BizTalk 2010 SQL Server 2008 Commerce Server MSMQ TFS

GameStop brought me onto their team of solution architects to integrate with a new order management system. This project consisted of extracting online orders from Commerce Server and dropping them into a message queue for the OMS to consume. In return, BizTalk receives shipped orders from the OMS, updates Commerce Server, and notifies customers via email that their order has shipped.

To keep ever changing business logic flexible, I utilized the Business Rules Composer to create these business rules. As a result, rules can easily be modified by a non-technical person, and deployed without the need to re-deploy the actual solution. In doing so, the system requires no down time during these changes.

The BizTalk Deployment Framework was also implemented in all our solutions, which allowed us to have automated deployments across multiple servers.